Jules Kindt was born in Roeselare on March 2nd, 1881. He spent the first few years of his life in Northern France, but returned to Roeselare after the death of his father. The family moved in with Jules’ grandmother. His brother and sister died in infancy. Jules’ mother remarried and left him in the care of his grandmother, who was not well-off at the time. Eventually, he moved in with his mother and her new husband. Despite his mother’s opposition to the match, he married Stefanie Delange. He worked as a cobbler and a weaver, and was a member of the Catholic trade union.

When World War I started, he was not immediately conscripted into the army and fled to France with his family. Jules kept a journal, in which he gives a detailed account of his escape to France. He also describes the many difficulties that Belgian refugees experienced during their stay in France, such as finding work and suitable housing, as well as communicating in a foreign language.