Brother Adolf

Born Frans Van der Scheuren, Brother Adolf was a member of the Brothers of Love, who worked at the brothers’ school in Roeselare. When the war ended, Brother Adolf applied himself to the maintenance of the military cemeteries and the identification of fallen soldiers. 

On January 20th, 1919, the city council of Roeselare put Brother Adolf in charge of the fallen soldiers’ funeral arrangements. In the first six months after the armistice, he replied to thousands of letters from parents and family members of French and Belgium soldiers who had died in Roeselare or the frontzone. He compiled a list with the names of all soldiers who were buried in military cemeteries, in other, more remote locations, or in the vicinity of Roeselare. This way, Brother Adolf was able to point hundreds of mourning families to the graves of their loved ones. Soldiers who were not buried in a cemetery were later transferred to the various military cemeteries in the area. 

In the city council session of January 29th, 1921, Brother Adolf was decorated with the 1914-1918 Civic Cross 2nd class for his “brilliant acts of courage, self-sacrifice and charity, during and after the war.”