Margaretha Denys was born in Roeselare on June 30th, 1871. She was the daughter of the haberdasher on the Grand Place in Roeselare. Margaretha was raised in a traditional Christian family and attended school at Roeselare, Heule and Doornik. 

In 1984, Margaretha married Karel Coussement, a local dyer. Margaretha did not have an easy life. Just a few years into the marriage, her husband died, after which she moved to Eernegem, a hamlet of Ichtegem. In 1904 and 1906, she lost 2 of her children. 

Margaretha joined the Red Cross, and ministered to orphan girls, whom she taught how to run a household by training them in performing domestic chores. In 1912, she qualified as a nurse. Before war broke out, Margaretha moved to Menen. During the war, she was worked as a nurse in the Sint-Aloysiuscollege and was an active member of the National Food Committee.