Lybeer Achiel

Roeselare-based apothecary Achiel Lybeer was conscripted into the army during World War I. He mainly worked at the H.E.A. military hospital (Hôpital d’Evacuation en Arrière), a field hospital behind the frontline, based in Adinkerke. He was responsible for the distribution of medicines.

A passionate photographer, Achiel took pictures wherever he went, even during the war. Given that his action radius was centred around Adinkerke, most of his photographs were taken near the coast and in the Westhoek. As a result, his family received a unique and well documented wartime photo album, covering the period from 1915 to 1916. The album demonstrates Achiel’s wide interests. It includes snapshots from the lives of military personnel, medical staff and civilians, as well as pictures that portray the various medical and recreational facilities.

When the war was over, Achiel returned to Roeselare. He opened a pharmacy on the Stationsplein, which burnt down in 1940 but was rebuilt afterwards.