Van Wtberghe Georges

Georges Van Wtberghe was a linen manufacturer from Izegem. His mill was located between the railroad and the channel. Furthermore, he was the chairman of Izegem's musical society ‘de Grétyrkring’.

During the war, he put many of his resources and possessions at the disposition of the Red Cross. He also provided beds for wounded soldiers. On August 6th, 1914, his father’s private street was claimed by the Germans and renamed “Berlinerstrasse”. It was used to accommodate a number of tents and barracks for wounded soldiers, as well as a beautiful garden, a kitchen and a guesthouse. Nowadays, the street is known as the “Vredesstraat”.

From Christmas 1915 onwards, the Grétyrkring’s building was used to host movie nights for German soldiers. Towards the end of August 1916, the military cinema also opened to civilians.

The photo shows the Berlinerstrasse in Izegem (HK ten Mandere, Izegem)