Cardoen Karel Lodewijk

On Schuwe Maandag, German soldiers gathered all inhabitants of Roeselare were on the Grand Place. A number of them escaped and hid on the Nieuwmarkt. Among them was Karel-Lodewijk Cardoen, a 60 year old widower who lived in the Karnemelkstraat.

Karel-Lodewijk took refuge in the cellar of a local bar. Shots were fired, presumably by French soldiers who had stayed behind. Near the entrance to the bar, the corpse of a German soldier lay on the ground. The Germans, who were convinced that the shots had been fired by civilians, removed everyone from the bar and threatened them with their weapons. Karel-Lodewijk fled and reached the main road to Diksmuide, from which he ran into the dangerous Rodenbachstraat. When he reached the Westlaan-Weststraat junction, he was killed by German bayonets. He was buried in the churchyard, alongside other civilian victims.