Behind the front of the Great War

The App ‘Behind the front of the Great War’ let you discover living and surviving under the German occupation in the municipalities of the Lys region at large.

It contains 4 pre – defined routes (Shy Monday, Medicine and Care, Daily life and The Liberation of 1918), 7 walking routes and 2 coach routes. But it’s also possible to compose your own personal tour based on your own intrests. The app contains 75 points of interest, out of which you can make a choice, based on a list, a map or a theme. The app is illustrated with unique photographs, historical information, personal testimonials and fun info. On some points of interest there is the possibility to use augmented reality to make the link between today and the situation during the Great War.

The app has an offline navigation tool to guide from one point to another in your tour through the Lys region.